Hello World!


Hello Readers!

I’ve created this website so that readers of the transgressive novel Hypersexual will have a place to make comments, ask questions, and start conversations about anything having to do with the issues discussed in the novel, or about sexual contact issues and options in general.

As the novel Hypersexual highlights, while wide-spread commercial sexual imagery and many forms of social discourse, and all manner of artistic and/or media presentations including pornography are mind-numbingly prevalent in our American society–as is also discussed in the current and studious tome A Hypersexual Society by K. Kammeyer–the remaining lack of actual accessible sexual contact options, as well as the lack of meaningful education for the youth in our society about a much wider array of the serious issues that can accompany sexual contact, continue to threaten our greater population.

Hence, my sincere intention and invitation to discuss these issues.

As this site develops I hope to have several conversations, or perhaps even issue-categories active at the same time.

So, don’t be shy! Tell us what’s on your mind!