Potrit by Nick Danger - undercover illustrator
Portrait by Nick Danger – undercover illustrator

I’ve been invited to be a panel member for a discussion on ethical non-monogamy at the Southwest Love Fest!!!

At last, a hypersexual perspective on ethical sexual relationships has been welcomed!

That makes at least two of the predictions that were made in the novel Hypersexual – now true. In the prediction regarding this, I wrote that hypersexuals would be and should be consulted about about all the sexually related issues they may have intimate knowledge of, or even extra intensive knowledge of. Non-monogamy is certainly one of those issues. And the ethics involved – which are likely to be tested – are also an issue that hypersexuals deal with head-on nearly every day of their lives.

The other prediction that was made, and has come true, is that Hypersexuality – just as homosexuality, lesbianism and bisexuality before it – would eventually be removed from the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – which is the bible for all professional psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists. And indeed, barely one year after the novel Hypersexual was published, the 2017 DSM (5) removed hypersexuality from it’s list of mental disorders.

Of course, none of this surprises me. From a logical point-of-view, and from inside the daily experience of hypersexuality, each of these social evolution’s could be seen developing. In large part, because they needed to be developed. And in no small part, because the time has come.

Events like The Southwest Love Fest will help our culture to evolve our understandings of what is clearly and historically one the most complex and difficult issues of adult human relationships – namely, non-monogamy.