About Me

Potrit by Nick Danger - undercover illustrator

Rory Aiken is my pseudonym as the Author of the novel Hypersexual.

My real name is Brad Garso.

The use of a pseudonym was chosen, in this case, because it worked directly into the genre-bending and transgressive narrative construction of this story.

The pertinent facts about me, in terms of my writing this novel, are summarily as follows: I am a hypersexual person, and have been my entire conscious life. I was born in suburban western America in the early 1960’s, and from the time of my late-teenage years I have wanted to write a differently informed and meaningful story(s) about hypersexualized life in the slice of American culture and society that I have existed in.

The subsequent experience-based research that I’ve conducted throughout my life, along with the several years of specific research that I completed during the creation of this book – along with and the encouragement and assistance of several serious and generous editors with specifically relevant fields of experience and knowledge – have culminated in this novel.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring it’s depths.