About Me

Potrit by Nick Danger - undercover illustrator

Rory Aiken is my pseudonym as the Author of the novel Hypersexual, the use of which works directly into the genre-bending and transgressive narrative construction of this story.

The pertinent facts about me, in terms of my writing this novel, are summarily as follows: I am a hypersexual person, and have been my entire conscious life. I was born in suburban western America in the early 1960’s, and from the time of my late-teenage years I have wanted to write a differently informed and meaningful story(s) about hypersexualized life in the slice of American culture and society that I grew-up in and have existed in.

The subsequent research that I’ve conducted throughout my life, and the eventual encouragement and assistance of several serious and generous editors with specifically relevant fields of experience and knowledge, have now culminated in this novel.

I invite you, without hesitation, to explore it’s depths.