Cont’d – The Creation of The Novel Hypersexual / Genre Bender

One of the biggest breakthrough moments for me in the conceptual considerations of Hypersexual was the idea to use an author’s pseudonym – and to use that pseudonym as the main character and narrator’s name.

This unusual (though not entirely unique) decision was meant to help produce the most intimate voice possible for the story. A voice from inside the realities and issues being dealt with. But equally important, the idea also created a genre bending effect that allowed me to expand the narrative perspective beyond the usual non-fiction single-individual based angle of a memoir or autobiography into something slightly broader in scope and more inclusive. Which was important to me because so much of my information and understanding has come from my open and revealing interactions and communications with other hypersexuals and sexually deviant persons.

Utilizing the fiction empowered ability to create a protagonist/narrator, and other characters that embodied attributes from many people – including myself and the myriad of persons I’ve known – and which could represent multiple sexual issues, behaviors, and actions that I’d experienced, observed, or been told about, as well as help illustrate the pertinent research points I’d found, seemed incredibly efficient, especially when compared to a strictly limited non-fiction approach.

However, these genre bending choices and methods have also led to my being questioned by several early readers, including my editors, about whether or not the nature of my book is more or less thinly veiled fiction – in part because it often seems so vivid it must be descriptions of real occurrences. Which I’ve accepted as a compliment, and to which I eventually began responding to with a simple, “Thank you.” Because, while the entire storyline and manuscript is fictional, my intention from the beginning has been to create a book that feels, for the readers, as personally unveiling as is possible.

From the outset of this project I’ve tried to merge the informed fiction of the story into a narrative tone that assimilates an intimately shared secret.

Which, I’m hopeful, will produce an interesting and exciting experience for readers!

Author’s Note: Hypersexual is not about the authors individual life, specific childhood, or family life; Hypersexual is a novel about many of the serious and varied sexual realities and issues that have shaped the lives of countless children, persons, and families.

Coming Next in This Series: Some interesting technical revelations about the evolution of this book.